As of July 1, HOP eligibility has expanded to include NC Medicaid members who have Tailored Plans through Vaya Health or Partners Health Management.

Our Team

Mikaila Mills

Community Engagement Manager

With over 20 years in community health services, Mikaila brings her valuable experience to her role as community engagement manager, specializing in the IPV and Toxic Stress Domain. In her everyday work, Mikaila supports community empowerment, connecting local human service organizations to collaboratively create community care, build relationships, and promote health equity. Mikaila is a passionate advocate for people and is committed to providing person-driven and rights-based services that promote connection, communication, safety, sustainability, and joy.

Mikaila followed her roots back to Asheville after growing up in Kentucky. After a year of AmeriCorps service and receiving a bachelor’s in psychology from UNC Asheville, Mikaila settled into community behavioral health where she focused on trauma-responsive care, emotional regulation, and healthy relationships.

With a service-oriented lifestyle, Mikaila is co-chair of the I/DD Advocacy Coalition, where she works closely with the Buncombe County Family Justice Center and partners to support efforts to educate and expand prevention and services for survivors of interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and maltreatment. She is a strong advocate for neurodiverse folx and believes that with strong collaborative teams and comprehensive care, we can increase community capacity, resilience, and accessibility to health and support services.

Mikaila loves long walks, bird watching with her cats, and gardening with her backyard chickens.

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