• Can we help people stay healthier
    and save money in the process?
  • Could a place to live
    reduce doctor visits?
  • What if healthy food
    replaced health insurance claims?
  • Would rides to work
    prevent rides to the doctor?
  • What if a loving embrace
    erases emergency room visits?
  • transforming North Carolina’s
    approach to Medicaid

How do we Impact Health
for the better?

By investing in the resources people need to stay healthy. By focusing on supporting health rather than paying for healthcare. By engaging upstream instead of responding downstream.  

We are Impact Health –We support the human services organizations that are transforming North Carolina’s approach to Medicaid. We believe that by providing services for housing, transportation, healthy food, and interpersonal safety, we can improve lives and reduce health care costs. 

Impact Health Overview


Latest News

January 11, 2023

Healthy Opportunities Pilot Update

December 13, 2022

Kitchen Helpers:
MTCC and Food Hub cooking up farm-to-table program and more

A Radical Way To Think About Health

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