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Dru Zucchino

Executive Director of TRACTOR Food and Farms

Dru is the executive director of TRACTOR Food and Farms, a Burnsville-based nonprofit network of farmers, growers and producers who are working to address food insecurity. Dru advocates for sustainable farming practices, land stewardship, and collaboration among agricultural and food distribution systems to increase community access to fresh, local healthy food. He believes entrepreneurship and thoughtful collaboration can address the unique challenges and needs of our region.

Dru values the beauty and diversity of North Carolina’s communities and environments, and he has deep roots in Western North Carolina. The son of a landscape architect and botanist, Dru was born in Raleigh but his family hails from Henderson County, dating back to the 18th century. He is currently reclaiming a 17-acre farm in northern Mitchell County with his wife Jessica and their daughter Reveille.

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